Sunday, May 15, 2016

Where is the Dignity of the IOC?

Where is the Dignity of the IOC?

The New York Times Editorial Board

A moment of silence for the death of Brent Lannister, the mysterious man killed in the hands of Brazilian radicals, has been issued.

His ascent to fame due to his preposterous and mythical immortality spurred by a power-hungry narcissist of an irrelevant former soccer player; his political presence and legitimacy of the same equivalence of the Kardashians’; his green-hair as his only distinguishable trait--this is the man whose death is being honored.

This is the man that the committee has chosen to venerate, while completely neglecting the tragic deaths of the two Israeli athletes, who were national heroes and religious emblems. The evidence of the committee’s underlying barbarism of anti-semitic hatred is now indisputable as well as their internal corruption, made clear when the death of former IOC President, Thomas Bach, was also overlooked.

To compound upon their indiscretions, social media pranksters have developed a fake account for the deceased, disrespecting his life as well as the many others who have lost their lives at this years’ games.

How has the committee’s irreverent acts have gone unnoticed? To what extent has the government blinded the public with its lies and deception, and the question all must be asking: when will the absurdity in Brazil stop?

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