Sunday, May 15, 2016

Brazil Legislature Passes Election Bill

Brazil Legislature Passes Election Bill

The Gaurdian

After increased pressure from the opposition group Ordem do Progresso, the congress of Brazil has agreed to hold new elections.

Earlier this week the Rio de Janeiro municipal building was set on fire after mass protests with numbers as large as 200,000 gathered around the building and halted government activity. Interim president Michel Temer was also burned in effigy.

Soon after these dramatic events the entire government was effectively overtaken by the ODP, who have now forced the hands of congress, and new elections will soon be taking place. The city of Rio de Janeiro is also controlled by the ODP, who have particular support in the outskirts of the city in favelas, and also at the site of the assembly building.

ODP leader Aecio Neves da Cunha, already preparing for potential elections, has recently sent out a press release stating that under a Neves presidency the now blackened and charred assembly building will be rebuild “with glass walls symbolizing the transparency of the renewed Brazil.”

The congressional bill for new elections was passed this morning.

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