Sunday, May 15, 2016

Chaos in Rio De Janeiro

Chaos in Rio De Janeiro


Rio de Janeiro has become an open warzone, as multiple nations and actors battle for control of the city and the political power of Brazil.
Outside of Rio de Janeiro, scores of deaths due to Russian air strikes have crippled Venezuelan armed forces, led by the 107th Battalion.
Additionally Russian airstrikes appear to have lit Guanabara Bay on fire, threatening the coast of Rio de Janeiro and Olympic water sports, which have been delayed.
At the Rio de Janeiro International Airport, all runways are shut down as an airstrike has struck and destroyed a German evacuation plane as it was taking off.
Rescuers are on the scene but cannot yet approach due to fuel fires.
Brazilian forces are openly skirmishing with ODP troops on the edges of Rio de Janeiro.
Battles to the North of Rio, particularly for control of route 116, 040, and around Nilopolis and Duque de Caxias are raging, with multiple deaths reported in intense urban warfare.
Explosions and gunfire are also reported in Campo Grande, Copocabana, Realengo and outside of Rio in Seropedica.
Chinese troops have been reported near the Maracana stadium, where they have taken control of the stadium.
Unknown troops, in European style special force gear, have also been seen engaging with Brazilian troops.
Large amount of people are reported to be evacuating from Rio de Janeiro.

While airstrikes have stopped for now, much of the ground based conflict appears to still be active.

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