Sunday, May 15, 2016

Brazilian Acting President burns in Effigy along with Legislative Assembly Building

Brazilian Acting President burns in Effigy along with City Building

The Rio Times

After a week of occupying the Rio Municipal Building, protesters have constructed a massive effigy of acting president Michel Temer and burned it along with the assembly building.

Ordem do Progresso leader Deltan Dellagnol organized these protesters to action after another rousing speech, and soon after the mass of angry Brazilians were dancing and chanting around the blazing halls of the South American city’s fiery municipal building.

In addition to the events at the assembly building, roughly a thousand protesters have apparently taken to the streets all across Rio, particularly in densely populated middle class neighborhoods. The protesters have been spray painting malforms of Dallagnol’s face wherever they go, with slogans such as “The People’s Prosecutor” and “He’ll Save Brazil” under his face. There are now hundreds of these murals reported across the city.

With hundreds of thousands of protesters backing their cause, the ODP is clearly becoming a dominant political force, one that is not afraid to use any means possible to dismantle the corrupt Brazilian government.

With the legislative building in flames, legislative and government procedures have halted, and Rio de Janeiro has fallen into chaos.

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