Sunday, May 15, 2016

Aecio Neves da Cunha Assassinations Fail, Kidnapping Succeeds

Aecio Neves da Cunha Assassinations Fail, Kidnapping Succeeds

The Rio Times

Aecio Neves da Cunha, the well known leader of the opposition group Ordem do Progresso, was almost murdered during a widely televised speech he recently made to a crowd of protesters.

In the middle of his speech a man approached him from behind, grabbed him around the neck, and attempted to slit his throat. However, because Cunha was jostled as he was grabbed around the neck, he swerved to the side just in time to avoid a shot from a sniper rifle that came from an unknown location, which shot the assassin instead.

What appeared at the time to be Neves’ security officers were seen escorting Neves away from the stage after the assassination attempts rocked the crowd, but nobody has seen him since. It is believed by witnesses and conspiracy theorist, and the press, that he has been kidnapped.

Given the current state of chaos in Brazil, it is unclear whether or not an investigation to find the whereabouts of the opposition leader, and the people behind the assassination attempts on his life, will ever be opened.

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