Sunday, May 15, 2016

IOC Pursues Odebrecht Suit

IOC Pursues Odebrecht Suit


The IOC has taken legal actions against the Odebrecht firm regarding its negligence in the construction of the 2016 Rio Olympic pool.

Affirming the Odebrecht role in impeding the competitions, the IOC have sued for 5 billion dollars. The IOC have also decided to organize a gala in hopes to address the downcast spirits of the Olympic athletes, whose chance to compete had been hampered by, in accordance to the IOC’s recent statement, the “shoddy craftsmanship” of the Odebrecht firm. The gala is planned to be hosted at the aforementioned Olympic pool with special performance by Puerto Rican Broadway sensation, Lin-Manuel Miranda, to both lift the mood and teach the athletes a bit of American history.

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