Sunday, May 15, 2016

Rio 2016: Closing Ceremonies

Rio 2016: Closing Ceremonies

The Rio Times

As the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympic Summer Games come to a close, we look back on the memories made during this stirring olympiad.

From the bomb threat of the Opening Ceremonies, to the opium-stuffed soccer balls, to the near-start of World War III, we are certainly glad to see the games come to a close, where the winners may finally take their medals back to their respective home countries and the losers will live, hopefully, to fight another day.

The Venezuelan and Chinese archers from opening day watched the closing ceremonies from their hospital beds near the Maracana Stadium, and expressed their relief to have the Games end.

This Olympic season we say goodbye to the fallen athletes and celebrate the passion and lively people of Rio for welcoming the world to their beautiful city.

If we’ve learned one thing from this hard-fought Olympic campaign, it is that the mighty will always prevail, and that our lord and savior Pele will always be there for us. Rest in peace Brent Lannister and long live Pele!

See you in 2020, at the Tokyo Summer Olympic Games!

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