Sunday, May 15, 2016

Press Release - Government of Federative Republic of Brazil

The Federative Republic of Brazil is appalled by the actions taken by both the international community and by rebellious forces on its own soil.

As a result of this turn of events, the nation of Brazil is declaring a state of emergency and cancelling the 2016 Summer Olympic Games. While this may serve to be a form of disgrace against our country, we believe that this is the safest course of action for the future.

A curfew will be set for 10pm, with all those who are not Brazilian forces immediately punished on sight.

The borders to Brazil will additionally be closed, but all foreign nationals will be allowed to leave.

We hope everyone is enjoying their time here in Brazil, and we are excited to announce that all future activities on Brazilian soil will be sponsored by Pepsi Cola products.

Pepsi. Live for Now.

Note from Simulations: Press releases are posted verbatim as they were submitted, but they are not the same as directives and do not imply what has been said is what happens. The Federative Republic of Brazil cabinet does not have the unilateral authority to cancel the Olympics and as of now, this Press Release does not mean the Games are cancelled (yet).

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