Sunday, May 15, 2016

The IOC Mourns the Loss of Their President, Buried At Sea

The IOC Mourns the Loss of Their President, Buried At Sea

The New York Times

Already fraught with multiple deaths and ongoing violence, it was tragic to find that the International Olympic Committee President Thomas Bach joined the ranks of the dead.

Members of the IOC and other figures including the CEO of Coca Cola have expressed their sadness at the news of Bach’s death, and the IOC has organized for a funeral to take place at sea for the deceased president. After his German citizenship was revoked, this was the only option for Bach.

Chief Commercial Officer Renato Ciuchini has said Thomas Bach “will not soon be forgotten by the International Olympic Committee.”

Former Vice President of the IOC Craig Reedie has been acting as Interim president since Bach’s death. He sends his deepest condolences to the Bach family, and says the Olympic games will continue. He said the IOC will do “all we can do to make the Rio Olympics great again.”

Thomas Bach was buried at sea with a fencing sword in his hand early this morning.

President Bach's Body Being Thrown Into The Atlantic

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