Sunday, May 15, 2016

Brazil Sets State of Emergency

Brazil Sets State of Emergency


The Federal Republic of Brazil has officially declared a state of emergency.

Foreign national and world leaders have been permitted to leave, but “no extraneous flights will be entering or exiting”. Brazilian troops have been mobilized to the highest level of readiness. Both military and police forces will be patrolling the streets to enact the strict 10 PM curfew for all civilians.

Regarding the recent oppositions and armed attacks of the ODP, the Brazilian government has been supposed to launch discriminate raids targeted against opposition leaders, specifically Aecio Neves and Deltan Dallagnol, as an effort to quell an increasingly overwhelming rebellion.

There have also been reports of the Venezuelan troops being deployed en route to Rio (the basis of deployment currently ambiguous) have neared the end of their 3,000 mile trek, and global leaders have indicated concern about possible conflicts that could take place around the Rio de Janeiro metropolitan area.

Tension between the public and the government have grown even more hostile as information about the links of the Brazilian government to the Pepsi Cola Company have been publicized, furthering scrutiny of the state’s monetary and moral corruption.

The ever-looming threat of the Zika Virus still persists, the disasters of the Olympic events catalyze instability, and increasing violence correlated with decreasing governmental control of the region and its people has truly set the Brazilian situation as an international threat.

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