Sunday, May 15, 2016

President of the IOC Killed

President of the IOC Killed

Associated Press

Thomas Bach, the president of the International Olympic Committee, has been killed in the latest of a series of deaths in a violent and chaotic Rio 2016 Summer Olympics.
Bach, who had already survived one assassination attempt via sniper, had spent Olympic money on extensive personal protection, including a dagger for themselves.
Thomas Bach had previously generated controversy by banning Germany, his home country from competing in the games, leading to the revocation of his citizenship and immense unpopularity in Germany.
It is unclear who would assume leadership of the International Olympic Committee.
Currently, the only Vice President at the Olympic games is Craig Reedie.
Investigators say that Thomas Bach was strucken by an unknown poison while in his hotel room in Rio de Janeiro.
Bach was found by his security detail, and died on the way to the hospital, where his ambulance was caught in traffic due to ongoing protests in downtown Rio de Janeiro.

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