Sunday, May 15, 2016

Odebrecht Firm Mishandles Pool Construction

Odebrecht Firm Mishandles Pool Construction


The Odebrecht firm has been involved with over 50% of the construction projects for the Rio Olympic Games, and upon investigation the IOC has found that the pools they built for the 200m butterfly events were short by a meter.

Many swimming events have already taken place, including the 200m (or in this case the 199m) butterfly events, with the United States athlete taking gold, Russia silver, and in a surprising move Venezuela taking bronze.

Many athletes have voiced outrage at this construction debauchery, and Chinese swimmer Yufei Zhang, who lost the bronze medal by 0.02 seconds, demands the event results be annulled and reorganized with a proper pool.

It is still unclear whether or not the IOC will sue the Odebrecht firm for their alarming mishandling of the pool’s construction.

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